Welcome, and thanks for using Glodon Account and other Glodon services and apps! When you use our products and services, you are entering into a legal agreement and you agree to all of these terms. You also agree to our Privacy Policy, which covers how we collect, use, share, and store your personal information, so please take a few minutes to read over the User Agreement below.

Please notice that Glodon has the right to update this User Agreement from time to time, once the revised version is released, it will replace the original one without a notice. You may check the latest version of User Agreement on this website. If you do not agree with the revised terms and conditions of this Agreement, do NOT click “Sign up now” (or similar) and do not access or use any of our Services. Otherwise, you are deemed as accepting the changes.

1. Registration and Account

1.1 All Glodon accounts are the properties of Glodon. When you complete the registration, you are entitled to use Glodon account. You shall provide timely, complete and accurate personal information and update your registration information continuously in accordance with the requirement for timeliness, completeness and accuracy.

1.2 You shall be fully responsible for the authenticity, legitimacy and effectiveness of your registered information; you shall not pretend to be others or post any information in other’s name; you shall not use the registered account maliciously to lead to false recognition by other users; otherwise, Glodon will have the right to terminate services for you and you shall bear all the legal responsibilities arising therefrom on your own.

1.3 The way you use Glodon products and services shall be legal and you shall be responsible for all activities under your registered account, including any contents you post and any results arising therefrom. You shall decide on the contents therein on your own and be responsible for all the risks arising from your use of or reliance on the correctness, completeness or practicability of such contents. Glodon cannot and shall not be responsible for any losses or damages occurring due to your behaviors.

1.4 You shall keep your login information secret, prevent it from being obtained or used by others and be responsible for all activities under your account at the website. You shall let us know immediately of any behavior against laws, unauthorized use or suspected unauthorized use, and Glodon shall not be liable for any losses due to your failure to observe the requirements aforesaid.

1.5 You shall not transfer, sell or lend your account and password to others. If you authorize others to use your account, you shall take full responsibility for all the activities of the authorized person under your account.

2. Contents

2.1 The specific contents of Glodon products and services will be provided by Glodon according to actual situations.

2.2 Unless otherwise expressly stipulated in the Service Agreement, all the new products, new features and new services released by Glodon shall be subject to the stipulations hereof.

2.3 For the purpose of using the service, you shall access the Internet on your own through a third party with legal qualifications to provide the internet access service for you, and you shall bear related service charges on your own. In addition, you shall be responsible for all the necessary devices needed for the connection with the Internet, including computers, modems and other appliances.

2.4 In view of the particularity of network services, it is acknowledged that Glodon has the right to alternate, suspend, or terminate part of or all of the network services (including charging network services) any time without prior notice. Glodon shall not guarantee non-interruption of network services or guarantee the timeliness, security and accuracy of the network services.

2.5 Glodon may need to carry out overhauling or maintenance regularly or irregularly for the platforms or the relevant facilities that provide network services. Glodon shall not bear any liability for any interruption of network services (including charging network services) within the reasonable time due to the cases aforesaid. Glodon reserves the right to suspend any part of the Service for the purposes of maintenance, upgrade or others without prior notice.

2.6 The Service or the third party may provide links to other websites or resources on the Internet. As these websites and resources are out of Glodon’s control, you shall understand and agree that Glodon will not be responsible for the availability of the websites or resources, and that Glodon will not guarantee or take responsibility for any content, advertisement, product or other material in or from these websites or resources. Glodon shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of or reliance on any content, commodity or service published or gained from these websites or resources.

2.7 You agree that you shall be fully responsible for all the risks arising from the use of Glodon products and services. You understand and accept that you shall decide on the information and/or material to be downloaded or to be gained from Glodon services and that you shall take such risks as system damage and material loss. Glodon will not guarantee any commodity purchase service, transaction process or recruitment information gained from the service network.

2.8 Glodon has the right to modify or terminate the Service (or any part thereof) temporarily or permanently at any time. Moreover, Glodon shall not be liable for you or any third party irrespective of notice from Glodon.

3. Third-part Products and Services

3.1 The Service may contain the products and services provided by a third party. When you use the products and services provided by a third party, there will possibly be other relevant agreements or rules, which you should read and observe carefully as well.

3.2 You shall understand and agree that for the purpose of offering you better user experience, the third party may contact and use your nickname, your head portrait or relevant operating information in the third party services, when you use the third party services.

3.3 In case of any disputes arising from your use of the products and services of the third party, please contact with the third party directly. Glodon will not bear any liability but will provide necessary assistance as needed according to law.

4. Limitation of Rights

4.1 You shall not license, sell, lease, transfer, publish Glodon products, programs and service (including but not limited to the advertisement or sponsorship in the contents or products) in any form or for any other commercial use.

4.2 You shall not access or use Glodon products, programs and services for a purpose of developing the same or competitive services.

4.3 Unless otherwise expressly prescribed by law, you shall not copy, distribute, reprint, download, display, post, modify, translate, combine, use, disassemble or decompile any part of Glodon products, programs and service (including but not limited to the advertisement or sponsorship in the contents or products) in any form or any way.

4.4 When you use Glodon products and services, you shall comply with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, and agree not to use the Service for any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to the following behaviors:

• Opposing the basic principles of the Constitution;

• Endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, or undermining national unity;

• Damaging national honor and interests;

• Inciting ethnic hatred and discrimination, and undermining national unity;

• Undermining national religious policy, and promoting cults and feudal superstition;

• Spreading rumors, disturbing social orders or disrupting social stability;

• Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide and terror, or instigating crimes;

• Insulting or slandering others, or infringing the legal rights of others;

• Containing any content that is false, harmful, threatening, infringing on other’s privacy, harassing, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or morally objectionable;

• Containing other contents that are restricted or prohibited by Chinese laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, and any other norms with legal force.

4.5 You shall agree not to use Glodon products, programs and services to conduct following activities:

• Uploading or posting computer viruses, worms, malicious codes, vandalizing or changing computer systems or data software;

• Collecting the information or data of other users, such as e-mail address, without authorization;

• Disabling network connections of this website, and thus causing excessive burden of this website or otherwise interfering with or damaging the website server and network links;

• Attempting to access the website, server, or network link of this website without authorization;

• Disturbing or disrupting other users to normally use Glodon products, programs and services.

4.6 You shall agree to compensate Glodon, its partner companies and affiliated companies for any indemnity, demand or loss (including reasonable attorney fee) claimed by any third party and prevent them from being damaged, due to your breach of the Agreement or the relevant terms of the Service. Therewith, Glodon has the right to take relevant measures, including but not limited to, deleting the information posted by the user, suspending use license, terminating service, restricting use, revoking Glodon account, investigating and affixing legal liability upon your behavioral nature. Glodon has the right to revoke the account of the user who maliciously registers Glodon account or uses Glodon account to conduct illegal activities, disturb, harass and cheat other users, or has other behaviors against the Agreement. Meanwhile, Glodon will assist in investigation according to the requirements of the judicial department.

4.7 You shall assume legal responsibility for your behavior in use of Glodon products and services. You shall bear legal liabilities in such forms as compensation for sufferers, as well as equal compensation for Glodon that took the administrative penalties and tort liability caused by your behavior.

5 Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

On account of openness and particularity of the Internet, Glodon specially reminds you of the following risks:

5.1 The Service only provides an account management platform. You shall make an independent judgment on the information generated from the use of the Service by other users or take all the risks (including but not limited to risks arising from reliance on the correctness, completeness, or practicability of the content) arising from reliance on such content, and the risks arising from the knowledge of your personal information by other users. You shall understand and acknowledge that Glodon will not be responsible for the disputes occurring among users of the Service.

5.2 Please do not disclose any important information related to property, Service account and password; otherwise you shall bear the liability for any losses incurred.

5.3 If you or other users are punished by Glodon according to the Agreement due to breach of related Service rules, your data in the Service, including content and information, may be affected.

6. Force Majeure

6.1 You understand and agree that the Service may be suspended due to such risk factors as force majeure during use of the Service. Force majeure refers to the unforeseeable, unavoidable objective events, including but not limited to natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, pestilence and storms, as well as social events, such as war, riots, and government actions and so on, which have major effects on one party or both parties. In case of situations afore-mentioned, Glodon will cooperate with relevant units immediately for timely fixing, but will disclaim responsibility for your losses incurred within the sphere permitted by law.

6.2 Within the sphere permitted by law, Glodon will not be responsible for the service interruption or disruption caused by the following situations:

• Destruction from computer viruses, Trojan viruses, other malicious programs and hackers;

• Malfunction of your or Glodon’s computer software, system, hardware and communication line;

• Your incorrect or inappropriate operations;

• Your use of the Service in a manner not authorized by Glodon;

• Other circumstances beyond the control or reasonable foreseeability of Glodon.

7. Intellectual Property

7.1 The intellectual property of the contents provided in the Glodon Service (including but not limited to web pages, text, images, audio, video, graphics, etc.) belongs to Glodon. The intellectual property of the contents generated from your use of the Service belongs to you or related rights-holders.

7.2 Unless otherwise specifically stated, the copyright, the patent right and other intellectual properties of the software based on which Glodon provides the Service shall belong to Glodon.

7.3 The trademark right of the commercial marks, such as “美高梅官方” and “glodon” used by Glodon in the Service shall belong to Glodon.

7.4 The intellectual properties of any content contained in the foregoing or in the Service are protected by law. Nobody shall use or create related derivative work in any form, without prior written consent of Glodon, you or related rights-holders.

7.5 In addition to the provision aforesaid, if you believe someone copies or distributes your work on Glodon User Center, and such act constitutes an infringement on your copyright, you should contact us and provide a written notification containing the following information in a timely manner:

• The ownership certificate that can prove your proprietorship of the allegedly infringed content;

• Definite identity proof, address and contact details;

• Location of the allegedly infringed content on Glodon User Center;

• Description of the allegedly infringed copyrighted work;

• Relevant proof for infringement on your copyright;

• Under the premise that you agree to bear the consequences of perjury punishment, you shall present a written statement declaring the content you provide in the notification is accurate and truthful.

8. Alteration, Interruption and Termination of the Service

8.1 Glodon may alter the content, or interrupt, suspend, terminate the Service.

8.2 In the event of any of the following circumstances, Glodon is entitled to suspend or terminate the service provided to you without notice:

• Your personal information is untrue, or inconsistent with the registered information without any reasonable certificates provided, where you should provide true information in accordance with the law.

• Your violation of the relevant laws, regulations and the Agreement;

• In accordance with the law or the requirements of the competent authorities;

• For safety reasons, or other necessary circumstances;

• Where you fail to pay in full within due time when you use charge items, Glodon has the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate the service.

8.3 You are responsible for backing up the data stored in the Service on your own. If your service is terminated, Glodon may delete your data permanently from the server, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations. Upon the termination of the Service, Glodon shall not be obliged to return the data to you.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

9.1 The Agreement is signed at Haidian District, Beijing, China

9.2 The establishment, effectiveness, implementation and interpretation of the Agreement as well as settlement of dispute apply to the laws of the Chinese mainland (excluding the conflict law).

9.3 In case of any dispute or controversy between you and Glodon, both parties shall settle it through friendly negotiation in the first place; otherwise, you agree to submit the dispute or controversy to the people's court with jurisdiction over the area where the Agreement is signed.

9.4 If the terms and conditions of the Agreement are partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and binding on both parties.

10. Miscellaneous

10.1 Please refer to the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Agreement, with same legal effect as the Agreement.

10.2 If you have comments or suggestions to this Agreement or the Service, please contact the customer service of Glodon Account.

10.3 Contact:

• Address: No.13 Zhongguancun Software Park, Haidian District, Beijing, China

• Zip Code: 100109

• Tel: 86-010-56403000

• Fax: 86-010-56616000

• E-mail: webmaster@wyuluw.com